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my precious!

i have returned after a month of internet-less lounging around in the new apartment. it's good to see that the community hasn't died, but we need more people to join.

i have aquired a nice tight leather jacket since i last posted. now all i need is a sexy backpatch for it and a harley. hah... anyone wanna donate?

other than that, nothing too exciting has happened. i now live with glittertiger, something we'd been planning on for years and years, so life is pretty good.

in the meantime, can anyone suggest any good ftp sitebuilding programs that are free to download? i used to have ips witch on my old computer but i'm too lazy to save it on a disk and re-install it on this computer... and i tried to just download it but its not free anymore! those bastards! so if anyone knows of a good one let me know! i'm dying to work on my site more.

also, a new layout for this community will probably be up soon....

what themes would you guys like to see? i'm thinking i might do a party monster theme.... give me some suggestions...

~*~ ziarci
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