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[21 Oct 2005|12:21pm]

So if you live in MN anywhere near the twin cities area, you HAVE to come see the drag show tonight at Over the Rainbow. The bar is in St. Paul on the corner of Minneahaha and Dale (from 94 exit on Dale down the hill, until you run into Minneahaha). The show is corky (sometimes cheezy) funny, intersting mix of drag kings and somewhat drag queens (pending on your deffintion). The show starts around 9:30 or 10:00--then after we have a kick ass dj for dancing until close.

Cover is like a dollor or two; 21+ only.

I promise, you won't be disappointmed (specially if there's a crowd!!!)

[27 Jan 2005|10:24pm]

Friday night at Over the Rainbow is now only $5 for unders and $2 for overs...

This Friday the show should be awesome...starts at 10pm... do come.
if you've been before, i think we're having new things happening this weekend, if you haven't come, good gawd what are you waiting for? :)

[15 Sep 2004|02:05pm]


i just created a webring, so im inviting and encouraging everyone in this community to add their sites to it.

here's the link

so far, my sites the only one in the ring, so JOIN! or else it's pointless. lol

[12 Sep 2004|09:59pm]

damnCollapse )

Chya. [07 Sep 2004|01:32pm]

[ mood | content ]

I was looking back at some pictures I took of myself a few months ago, and I found a collection of images that I called “The No Where One” … which, I admit, it a pretty awful title, but I knew what it meant. It’s basically images I took with a light that depict me in a way that my gender, my body, my soul … is unidentifiable. I hope you enjoy some of them:

P.S. Some of them, I believe I posted in my only other post here.
Please forgive me.

The_Gypsy_CriedCollapse )

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[03 Sep 2004|08:43pm]


i have not posted here in quite some time.

i have nothing in particular to say, so
i will share a picture of my boyfriend and myself.
i am the twinky one of the right and he is the pretty one on the left.

yay us.
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[01 Sep 2004|04:20am]

more people need to go to my website.


RuPaul on Queer Nation [27 Aug 2004|12:41pm]

Thought you’d be interested in this…
The world’s premiere drag queen, RuPaul, will be a guest on Queer Nation on Renegade Talk Radio, The O-Zone with Petey-O and Jenny-O Monday, August 30 at 1 PM PST. The great part of this internet-only radio network is that it is not FCC-regulated, so it is a no-holds-barred format where anything goes! Check it out!

Pics of me. [12 Aug 2004|06:03pm]

[ mood | Unsexy ]

For some reason, lj cuts hate me, so I'm sorry if it clogs your Friends Page.



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Haven't posted in a long time. [12 Aug 2004|02:52pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Kill me slowly, I'll never be the same...Collapse )

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[02 Jul 2004|10:26am]

[ mood | excited ]

hey everyone...its Friday night at the new place to be in the twin cities on Friday nights is Over the Rainbow (Dale & Minneahaha). The show should be a nice mix, its the first Friday show this week, so come and say you were there before it was trendy! Show starts at 10pm, come a lil early, goes till round midnight, then dancing till 2am. What more could you want? how about 18+! $1 (!) cover for 21+, $5 for 18+.

looking for guest performers...so if you wanna perform, come talk to us. Or come over if you just want to get a lil hot and rowdy, or laugh it up. AC'll be on, beer will be cold, performers will be hot!


La la la de dat [19 Jun 2004|02:55pm]

[ mood | confused ]

So, this community was recommended to me awhile back, so I joined and never posted. I decided to take advantage of that situation and actually post something!

Seeing as how this community is called “terrible girl”, I thought it would be appropriate to show how much of a terrible girl I am. People always mistake me for being of the female persuasion, but when I was born they branded me a male because of the little bishop in a turtleneck stuck between my legs, regardless of the fact that I was also born with an undeveloped uterus, and an semi – vagina, which they removed and closed up. So, I guess I’m male? I don’t know. You decide:

I_feel_so_optimistic!Collapse )

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[18 Jun 2004|06:14pm]

join now.


join now.

my precious! [02 Jun 2004|03:43pm]

i have returned after a month of internet-less lounging around in the new apartment. it's good to see that the community hasn't died, but we need more people to join.

i have aquired a nice tight leather jacket since i last posted. now all i need is a sexy backpatch for it and a harley. hah... anyone wanna donate?

other than that, nothing too exciting has happened. i now live with glittertiger, something we'd been planning on for years and years, so life is pretty good.

in the meantime, can anyone suggest any good ftp sitebuilding programs that are free to download? i used to have ips witch on my old computer but i'm too lazy to save it on a disk and re-install it on this computer... and i tried to just download it but its not free anymore! those bastards! so if anyone knows of a good one let me know! i'm dying to work on my site more.

also, a new layout for this community will probably be up soon....

what themes would you guys like to see? i'm thinking i might do a party monster theme.... give me some suggestions...

~*~ ziarci

xposted to suicide_boys [30 May 2004|11:48pm]

there were three sexes then...

And the children of the moon
Were like a fork shoved on a spoon.
They were part sun, part earth
Part daughter, part son.

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18+ show tonight [26 May 2004|07:07am]

[ mood | woot woot ]

Over the Rainbow (st. paul, Minneahaha & Dale) has agreed to open their doors Wed. nights to 18+. Show starts at 9:30 (ish)Should be hella fun...usually is... so come for a lil while or for the night.

dragking, genderfucks, comedy, go-go's, live performance, impromptu performance available; etc.


:-) [22 May 2004|10:47am]
yesterday was great fun. yours truely felt very good.
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Hi ya [19 May 2004|12:03am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I'm new, so I thought I should say "sup".

Name - Elizabeth, most people just call me Liz tho.
Age - 16
Sex - Female

I've been called a tomboy most my life. I've been told that I'll grow up to get a sex change and become a football player. (*grrrr*) I'm bi-sexual. Um, lets see, I have a love interest, but we haven't met in person yet. (semi long story) Erm...if you wanna know anything else, shoot. I'm an open book.

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[18 May 2004|07:34pm]
gotta love this country
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xposted to queer_poets, _hmm, and queeredbodies [12 May 2004|11:47pm]

I edit a zine called The Looking Glass. Right now we are accepting submissions for the May/June issue. I am hoping to do a collection of prose peices in a specific format. The format I propose is for each contributer to alternately describe, in prose or poetry, themselves as butch and as femme. The total length of both peices should not be more than one page, and preferably less.

To show you what I mean, this is mine:

I wander out onto the balcony, the velvet skirt teasing my slender legs. The wind is warm and soft. I lift my arms above my head and twirl, the blonde hairs on my arms shining in the sun. The water is brilliant and sensual. "I am happy," I whisper softly into the wind, and it breathes in my words and chases them away into silence.

I lie in bed facing you. You are shirtless, your broad hairless chest open to my tongue and roaming hands. I lick your nipples hungrily, kiss your bellybutton, then lean back. "You should take off your pants," I say tactlessly, but knowing I can get away with saying it. I run my hand down your pale side to your hipbone. You shake your head. "No," you say. I want to rip off your clothes. I want to devour you. Instead I hold your shaggy head in my hands and kiss you. "We don't have to do anything you don't want to do," I say, achingly. I get up and put on a slightly grungy hoodie, and stumble down to the bathroom. I stare at my face in the glow of the incandescent bulb.

If your entry is accepted you will recieve a free issue of LJ #4 in the mail. I also found doing this to be a good personal experience, so even if you don't want to submit anything, try it for yourself anyway.

Thanks alot!
<3 brandon

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